An Eye Opening Event In My Life

I felt I was always missing something during my college career. After hearing stories in high school, my expectations were extremely high for the first year. When I realised that these stories were not true and that I would not have a somewhat wild collage experience here, I became disappointed. I suppose my desire to have a collage life filled with adventure, excitement, and extreme moments was the main reason why I wasn’t satisfied with what I actually had.

After my first year, I was still unable to have an experience that sparked excitement or fear. The college years I spent were dull, but that changed when I met someone at my science course. Devin had never spoken to me before as I was a shy person. However, our teacher assigned a team project and we were introduced. Devin had a personality so unique that it was impossible not to spend time with her. I was able to get to know Devin better after the project ended. My point is that of all the things she was interested in, I really gravitated towards one. She was a lover of the wilderness, and would often go into forests to walk or camp. Devin, our daughter, wanted to experience something new for her first camping trip. We spent an hour driving to find a forest where she could walk and camp.

Devin thought it would be a good idea to get off the main path and find our own camping spot. After walking for over two hours, I thought we were lost. Devin told me she had no idea what to say, and that made me even more paranoid. I began to think that any voice that came my way was a potential danger. I was on edge so much that I started crying the minute I heard the strange groaning. Devin then told me that she had been tracking us for an hour, and made me walk around a campground to test my calmness. She said she hoped that this would make me realize that I didn’t need scary adventures for me to enjoy college.

The most unexpected and eye-opening thing to ever happen to me was probably the first time I ever saw it.


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