Discussion On Whether Young Children Should Have Pets

During childhood, many children wanted a pet, be it a bunny or a lizard. Many children give up after numerous pleas to their parents. Nevertheless, this situation could go in either direction. The child may learn to love and take care of the pet. However, the situation could also end in two ways. The real question is, should children have pets?

The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry states that pets are an integral part of a young child’s upbringing. Care for a dog or cat can teach children patience, care and kindness. These are qualities that every child should learn. The child must take care of their pet and show proper affection. The age of your child determines the kind of pet you should bring home. The type of pet that should be brought into the household depends on the child’s age.

The benefits of allowing your child to care for a dog or cat are many. Pets can help children become more responsible, caring, and confident. As well, children are able to confide and learn from their pets.

Why are there people who do not want children to take care of their pet? You can’t expect a kid to care for a pet. Some children will abuse and torture their pets without their parents knowing. Some children may use their pet to release negative feelings. It is important to monitor your child’s interactions with their pet and help them release negative emotions. Children can learn a lot from pets. But parents must take precautions and show their children the importance of taking care of pets.


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