Holiday Experience: What Makes Me Happy


Most people today love to take holidays, as it allows them to relax and refresh themselves. We can return to school or work with renewed energy after a vacation. I enjoy holidays as well and usually try to make the best of them.

I can do anything during my holidays. My holidays are my favorite because they allow me to temporarily detach myself from my studies. I am able to relax during holidays, as I often watch movies or soaps I missed throughout the semester. I play computer games and compete online with my friends. I can also do my mother’s housework.

I can also spend more time with my cousins and family during holidays. I spend the weekend at his house and he stays at mine. We love to go to cinemas during these times because I am an avid movie-lover. We also play football on the playground in front of my house when he visits. If we don’t feel like playing, we walk our dog. But it is important to not stay home for the entire day. His father takes me to a restaurant for dinner when I visit him.

It is not just about having fun. We can also learn and improve ourselves. They are living libraries. They can tell you about life when technology used to be a luxurious luxury. Then, it is mandatory that I stay at least a whole week at my grandparents’ place. My grandma teaches to me to make tasty food. While my grandpa plays Scrabble, or other mind-games with me in order to improve my language skills.

I also love the outdoors. I like to plan outings for my family and friends, whether it’s to go on a nature park tour or a trip by the sea. We always have our camping tents with us and are ready to go on adventures. We always go to the beach to fish and we have wood with us for cooking.

The holidays are a moment everyone is looking forward to. Relax and enjoy your time. Life isn’t meant to be lived under constant stress. Since we all have to work hard, everyone deserves a little break.

It all began when I started school in 7th Grade, 12 years old. I was so excited about the new dances that i had learned over the summer. I also attended three different dance schools Xcape Dance Studio Lehigh Valley Salsa Kids & Asylum Dance Project. Xcape started to fade and I also began to doubt dancing. My young mom was constantly reminding of the importance of opening a dance studio to help kids whose families couldn’t support it. It was important to pursue my dancing career and continue dancing.

After leaving my first dance studio, I realized I wasn’t meant to be there anymore. I grew to leave my first studio when I realized I wasn’t meant to be there anymore. My summer dance classes were great. After summer, I was left feeling empty after my hip-hop teacher Ms. Portia moved.

The fact that I had been selected to be a junior member of the company was exciting. It was then that I got the bad news. While I was registering for Xcape. Then they announced that we would be having a company tryout. It was a relief to know that company tryouts would be held. After I realized I would need to work even more hard to get into this year’s company, I was relieved. Do my best to show that I am interested in joining the company.

This is my problem. I also wish to play the game of basketball. However, I had no idea when the basketball practices would be. I wanted to play basketball. The gym teacher had asked me whether I was trying to play basketball. I always said yes, but forgot to ask about the practice times. My mom would ask me if I asked about practices. I would tell her no, but i’ll ask next class. I still would forget to inquire about my gym teacher’s practice schedule.

I always thought that I wouldn’t be able to play basketball if I didn’t ask the gym teacher. I was prepared to ask my teacher when they were going to practice to find out if it would conflict with dance or basketball. I am eager to ask the gym teacher. I ask my teacher of homeroom if I could ask my teacher of gym a question. He wrote me a pass. The next thing I knew, I had my pass.

Finally, I enter her room to ask when she will have tryouts. She said the tryouts are at the beginning of the month. Practices are on Tuesdays, Thursdays. My schedule was pretty full, so I started to think. As I started to leave the house, I began thinking about my plans. It was like a thought came to my mind and I started asking myself: what am i going to do? I want to continue dancing, but also play basketball. There were two things I wanted to do.

After a while, I realised I had to follow my heart. I realized I had to do what I wanted. To me, following my gut is about doing what I love. I love dancing. Basketball is another thing that I do to follow my heart. All my friends are told to just do what they enjoy and to follow their passion. Never give up doing something you love. Never give up on what you love.


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