My Fitness Plan: Reflective Analysis

Table of Contents

Exercise Regimen

What is my current fitness level?

What Activities Reduced Stress?

The impact of these activities on my emotional and social well-being

Self-Set Goals At the Start of a Program: Success!

Physical Exercise Regimen

To improve my fitness and health, I will do my best to stick to my meal and exercise plan. Consistency is key to any plan because it teaches you to not be as strict on yourself.

When I try to jump in too fast with a new diet plan or workout plan, I often fail to follow through. To maintain a healthy life, I must eat healthier and exercise more frequently. First, I will need to develop a new habit to maintain a healthier lifestyle. I’ll have to start slowly to become accustomed to it. This will be done by doing short workouts and adding in some longer ones.

This plan is a great way to improve your mental health, well-being and fitness. There is the risk that my exercise routine will become boring or that I may even get lazy. Me being unable to adhere to a strict diet makes it hard to follow one.

My biggest threat is my busy schedule at school. I have extra lessons and murals to attend, and by the time I come home I’m usually too tired to do any exercise. It is my goal to find more time to exercise because it will help me reduce stress and benefit my health. I would like to do more meditation because it is a great way to clear your mind and reduce stress.

Interpretation: My current fitness levels After 18 days of exercise, I usually feel more energetic, and I’m proud of my progress. My resting pulse rate was 73bpm when I started my fitness program. Today, it’s around 70bpm. The intensity of my workouts would always affect the maximum heart rate. My recovery pulse rate returned to my resting heartbeat a little faster. In low-intensity training, my recovery heartrate was not comparable to high-intensity training because my heartrate did not increase as much.

What Activities Helped Me Reduce Stress? I have a lot of anxiety. So, when I do exercise, it helps release all the tension in my head. Due to my busy schedule, I don’t have the time I need to release my stress through exercise. The activities I’ve done have helped me a lot. The activities I do have helped me relieve stress each day, without stress building up or causing panic attacks. It also helps me fall asleep faster and get up in the morning without feeling tired.

It is well known that exercise releases endorphins which are happy hormones. Even though I’m tired after workouts, I still feel good. I also feel better when I exercise. Exercise gives me a sense of purpose, and I gain more confidence. I also feel more socially and emotionally successful when I exercise. The fitness program I’m on has made me more aware of how emotionally draining it is to not be able exercise. My mood and anxiety are affected when I don’t exercise. Now that I understand the importance of exercising, I will do it more often. In the future, I plan to exercise more often to demonstrate my willpower and strength to myself. It will also boost my confidence socially and emotionally.

At the start of the program, I set challenging goals, but also ones that were attainable. I have completed my program of exercise and will continue recording my exercises because it motivates me to see and feel my progress. I would work out for a long time, challenging myself to do more than one-hour sessions. Then, the next day, i would do a lower intensity workout that was not as difficult. This was done to avoid exhaustion from my workouts. It worked because I finished the program without getting tired.


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