Psychological Problems In Adopted Children

Most parents who are unable or unwilling to become parents themselves have adopted children as a way to be parents. Adoption gives parents with reproductive issues and infertility a chance to become parents again. Adopted kids tend to have a lot of psychological problems. This can cause parents a lot of stress or even cause an adoption to fail. In this article, I discuss some of the psychological issues that adopted children may face.

In recent years, there has been much debate about the possibility that adoption can lead to adjustment issues in the child. The feelings of rejection and abandonment that children experience after adoption can make it difficult for them. Most adopted children feel like their biological parents don’t like or accept them. Then they are abandoned. This affects their psychological well-being and health. The importance of adoptive children in the family must be emphasized (Brodzinsky, 1993).

Adopted kids may experience identity problems. Children often have difficulties identifying themselves after learning they’re adopted. For this reason, they will ask questions regarding their parents to determine if they are similar. Adopted children have lower levels of self-esteem in comparison to non-adopted youngsters. This is due to their feeling of dignity, belonging or even value. Adopted children often feel less valuable than their nonadopted peers.

Adopted children can suffer from attachment problems and grief. Adopted children are more than likely to feel depressed because their biological families cannot take care of them.

Conclusively the situation that adopted children face has a major impact on the development and behavior of the child. In order to give the best care to their child, it is important for the parents to understand the issues that the adopted child may be dealing with.


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