Success Stories Of Self-made Millionaires

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Cyril Ramaphosa

Donald Trump

Patrice Mtsepe

J.K Rowling’s works have become very popular.

Cyril Ramaphosa

Cyril Ramaphosa started his business career in 1996 by offering bursaries for underprivileged students to attend university. In 1996, he began to get involved in initiatives that would help the community. The Cyril Ramaphosa Foundation was established in 2004. The foundation includes Adopt-a-School as well as the Cyril Ramaphosa Trust and Kagiso Shanduka Trust. These foundations all work together to better the country. These foundations either help improve education in certain areas or encourage entrepreneurs. My opinion is that he did a lot for the community.

Cyril Ramaphosa’s involvement in business has improved South Africa. Since the Cyril Ramaphosa Foundation started, 565,868 students have benefited by adopting schools. Kagiso shanduka Trust has adopted 238 of these schools.

Cyril Ramaphosa also worked for companies like MTN, South Africa Breweries and Standard Bank. He showed leadership qualities even in High School. He was elected as the head of a student Christian group and later joined other groups at university. Nelson Mandela was instrumental in his decision to quit politics in the year 1994. He convinced him that he should enter business instead. In the business world, he demonstrated his ability as a dealmaker.

Cyril Ramaphosa ranked among the Time 100 in 2007 as one of 100 people with abilities that are changing our world. He is regarded as one of South Africa’s richest people, estimated to be worth R6.4billion.

Donald TrumpDonald Trump has become better known since his election as President of America in 2016, but he was already involved in numerous other business ventures.

Donald Trump’s business career began in 1971 when he took over the family real estate company. Then, he began to take on other projects such as The Apprentice, Trump Model Management and Trump Place. His successful business ventures were not without failure. His business successes allowed him to create many jobs, which helped reduce unemployment in America. The rest of his ventures, however, failed. Trump Vodka and Trump: The Game, a Monopoly copy, Trump Ice, etc. are examples of these failures. Trump’s net worth is approximately $10 Billion.

Trump was probably motivated to become a businessman by his family’s involvement in this field. He developed the business of his family. His father taught him the business and it is clear that he picked up some tricks and styles in order to be better than the competition. When Donald Trump became president, he began to work on larger projects. His father worked a lot with apartments. Even when he had a chance to fail, he would take risks. He was a man who lived by the motto “go big or leave”.

Trump is known to be a dealmaker. His high energy level is considered by some to be his biggest strength. The way that he runs America today is very similar to how he would conduct any other business venture. I think Donald Trump is attempting to take over the entire United States.

Patrice MotsepePatrice Motsepe’s father had a little Spaza shop which was frequented by mine workers. He learned a lot about mining by being around people who were interested in mining.

After completing law school, he began working for a well-known law firm. While working at the firm, he was extremely hardworking and driven. He was a visiting attorney in America while working for that firm. In the process, he met mining organizations and became more interested in this field. He learned all he could about mining and its technical aspects. Although he had little knowledge about that particular field, he showed an interest and was determined to learn. It was important that he knew everything about his business as a owner.

The owners of this business were interested in him because of his commitment and gave opportunities to him. He was the very first black partner in that firm. He was able to move up the ladder due to his dedication and drive.

He took advantage of opportunities that others missed. He specialized in business and mining law while still a member of the firm. Future Mining was his new business.

His mining companies have had a significant impact on the communities around them. The mines that he established created over 10000 jobs. This is helping reduce the rate of unemployment in South Africa.

J.K RowlingJoanne Kathleen Rowling said, “You begin to believe that anything is possible when you have the nerve.” Her rags-to-riches story clearly demonstrates this. She was an unmarried mother who relied on welfare payments to support her young daughter. The first Harry Potter was her inspiration. Bloomsbury Children’s Books is the only publisher that has accepted her book. She was given the chance she needed.

Her first and subsequent books were also a success. The US alone sold millions of copies. She became a millionaire in a matter of a few months. Her newfound wealth made her a philanthropist. She began to support and contribute to various organizations, including the Anti-poverty & Children’s Welfare, Multiple Sclerosis and others.

She became an entrepreneur, not because she wanted to but rather out of necessity. Her books just happened to be a success. She was disappointed that the publishers she approached earlier didn’t think her book was worth it or of any value. It would have been a blow to her confidence in her product and to her self-esteem, but she persisted. She was persistent and displayed the characteristics of an entrepreneur. She is driven and does not tolerate failure. She has faced many trials but chose to persist.


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